Meet Allison

From Losing Myself to Living in My Purpose​

Needing to find happiness in life but not being sure what to do or change can be scary. I thought I was living in my ideal place with a job in the industry I had set out to work in. Yet, I still wasn’t happy. In fact, I was overwhelmed and exhausted. I had just enough energy to get through the day without much left over for doing the things that filled my soul.

More challenges started popping up, stemming from unprocessed memories and emotions from my past. Challenges such as not seeing eye to eye with a boss at work, getting in a car accident, and painful breakups kept presenting themselves to me. I was at a point where I was ready for my next level in life, but then it would stall…over and over.

Everything had to change – again. Except this time, I was radically honest about patterns in both relationships with others and with myself. I took time to listen to what I wanted now versus dreams from the past. I walked through the pain instead of maneuvering around it to avoid negative feelings. I acknowledged where I was stuck and asked for help. I gave myself permission to fully and completely be me and stop comparing myself to others. I went after what I knew was going to be fulfilling and bring me joy without compromising.

I worked with coaches. I also worked with healers across many different modalities. I combined Eastern and Western practices and didn’t rule anything out. It was a time for listening to my own thoughts and heart whispers and then taking action from there. I stopped making life choices that helped me avoid the discomfort that comes from healing wounds. I dove straight into the situations that would bring up all of the emotions that I had stuffed away to be dealt with at an unknown later date.

The result was better than I could have imagined. My energy came back. My creativity flowed. Relationships were filled with ease and I attracted abundance and the support that I needed.

I stopped living in survival mode and I started living more from authenticity. I focused on the things that brought me joy. Today, I am choosing to see the truth of who I am and how I am impacting the world around me. I show up fully to everything I commit to. I give myself grace to walk each step of my path. I authentically share who I am and I am at peace with my journey.

Now I help others like you who are feeling like you “should” be more and reevaluating where your place is and step into your very own life purpose.

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